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Soothin’ Infusion Tea line

Each package of Soothin’ Infusion contains 4 large teabags that make 1 quart of tea each. The teabags can be reused for a second lighter brewing. Don’t worry – although the tea comes in large teabags and is meant for making iced tea, you can also serve it hot.

If you like unsweetened tea, then give the Original version a try. If you always go for sweet tea, then try the Sweet version which is lightly sweetened with stevia leaf, but without the negative side effects of sugar or corn syrup. If you like both sweetened and unsweetened tea, then give both kinds a try. I have included shipping options below that allow you to order in a number of ways.

Soothin’ Infusion Herbal Iced Tea (Original)

Original (by quantity)

Soothin’ Infusion Herbal Iced Tea (Sweetened)

Sweetened (by quantity)


Order a combination of tea flavors

*Please Contact Us if you’re encountering shipping price errors or if there are ordering options that aren’t specific enough for you from the above options


Soothin’ Infusion Tea available at:


In Austin, TX:

Whole Foods – 6th and Lamar
Peoples Pharmacy-South Lamar
Peoples Pharmacy – Westlake
Greenling Organic Delivery Service

In Dallas, TX:

Green living store off of Abrahms
Howard Garret – The Dirt Doctor

In New Mexico:

Moses Kountry Health Food Store

Wholesale or case quantity orders?

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If so, please call or email us for more details.

Phone Toll Free: 1-800-250-4718
Email: info@soothininfusion.com
Customer Service:
To comment or ask questions
about Soothin’ Infusion,
please call 1-800-250-4718



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