Sometimes, simple solutions can be very good ideas.

a refreshing cool glass of Soothin Infusion (w/ hat)
A few winters ago, while hobbling around with a broken knee and a perpetual fever, I brewed an herbal concoction in my kitchen: a simple medley of African Rooibos (for stress relief), Lemongrass (for anti-oxidants), Lemonbalm (for pain reduction), Spearmint (to cool my fever), Raspberry Leaf (for digestive health) & Stevia (for sweetness).

The cold tea was so refreshing, I memorized the recipe and starting serving it to thirsty houseguests & visitors. It swiftly become a popular request at potlucks and parties. After serving it for several months, I noticed that the blend seemed to have a myriad positive effects on people’s moods, pain levels, digestion, alertness & overall happiness. I dreamed of sharing my healing blend with hundreds & thousands of tea-lovers, and one fateful meeting with Whole Foods made that dream a reality.

Today, people enjoy Soothin’ Infusion all over the world — from my hometown of Austin, Texas, all the way to Afghanistan.

I hope, like me, you’ll have a simple & sublimely good idea, while sipping a glass.

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